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In today's competitive market, operating at optimal efficiency is of paramount importance. Organizations are under pressure to reduce back office expenses while maintaining the quality and increasing customer satisfaction. Back office outsourcing operations for any organization are a support foundation from which they manage efficient customer transactions. However, large data volumes and their reliance on manual processing lead to high error rate. The recurring bad quality negatively impacts the profitability and customer satisfaction.  

IGT’s Back Office outsourcing operations allow organizations to automate their operations, manage and route documents electronically. The documents are routed as per pre-defined business rules, thus ensuring the accuracy of existing paper-based processes, but guaranteeing a quicker turn-around-time.


  • Refocusing on business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service in the back-office
  • Operational Control by outsourcing operations that are uncontrolled and poorly managed
  • Staffing flexibility is ensured by outsourcing operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands by bringing in additional resources when required and release them during the lean period
  • Cost and efficiency savings by outsourcing back-office functions that are time consuming and complicated in nature
  • Reducing cost overheads by reduction in infrastructure requirements, delivery centers and other related expenditures

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