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Debit Memo Research
Managing the receipt of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) raised by airlines against rules violation or under collection of fares/taxes can be a time consuming and costly task.

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) has been retained by a number of travel agencies and GDSs to manage the receipt of these documents to analyze their validity and liaise with airlines as and when necessary.


The initial debit memo research activity includes the following:

  • Each debit memo is linked to an internal cost centre and then recorded into the internal debit memo database
  • Details as the agents ID, reason for debit memo & internal accounting code are documented into the system

Post the assessment of the status of the debit memo; they are routed back to the appropriate agent at the customer’s end. Recommended actions can include such actions as:

  • Kick back to the GDS from which it was generated
  • Processing payments if it was a client generated error
  • Returning as ‘disputed’ to the carrier incase of airline error


  • Assisting customers within the travel domain by significantly reducing debit memo payouts which improves the speed and accuracy of the fare loading process

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