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Queue Processing
Today, in the market with cut throat competition between airlines, it is mandatory that they should efficiently and effectively maintain queues to be able to cater to all passenger requests and complaints. 

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) provides effective queues management which goes a long way in enhancing the customer satisfaction numbers. 


Below are the queues managed by IGT under the queues management services:

  • Address Verification - Handling mismatch of addresses given by the customer
  •  Waitlist Confirmation - Handling passengers whose tickets have been confirmed after being in a waitlist status
  • Special Services Requests - Special requests addressed. For example: Wheelchair, Meal requests etc
  • Schedule Change - Involuntary change in the schedule of a passenger, for example, in the event of a flight delay or cancellation
  • Urgent - Any situation that needs urgent attention is being handled by this queue
  • Reissue -Ticket reissue whether voluntary or involuntary incase of a change in the schedule of the passenger
  • Hotel - Hotel reservation for a layover during connecting flights
  • Pre-Removal - Alternate arrangements for a passenger whose flight has been overbooked
  • Time limit: Incomplete information which requires action in a stipulated time
  • Unapproved - Payment rejected by the system for a passenger is sent to this queue
  • Part payment - Partial payment received from the passenger and requires an action to confirm booking
  • Duplicate booking - Duplicate booking rectification


  • Real time tracking and feedback to the agents & proactive measurement of conversion for action planning
  • Considerable reduction in operational costs which turns the “Run Center” to a “Profit Center”

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