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Sales Audit
In today’s volatile economic scenario, most airlines work on extremely thin margins which leave very little room for revenue leakage. Revenue leakage—the gap between the revenue that airlines book and the amount of revenue they eventually receive—is a significant problem.  According to IATA, airlines lose up to 3% of their annual revenue due to incorrect use of fare rules, taxes and commissions.

With an aim to help airlines maximize their revenue out of every sale made, InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) through its technology partner offers airline Sales Audit Services that are system driven, flexible and cover wide range of airline touch points. IGT’s technology partner has conducted audits of this type for over 6 years. The sales audit is time tested and has a proven record of plugging in revenue leakage across airline point of sales.   

  • ADM generation and upload – ADMs can be directly uploaded to BSP Link /ARC or sent to the Airlines’ proprietary ADM raising system
  • ADM lifecycle tracking and dispute management
  • Interactive management information – Customizable and comprehensive management information to track the sales audit process from different  perspectives

As a part of the audit, the process covers the following types of documents

  • BSP/ARC – Sales & Refunds
  • Own Office / GSA – Sales & Refunds
  • Manual Documents – Sales & Refunds


  • Executed rapid rollouts followed by increase in scope of the audit without compromising quality and timeliness
  • Over 6 years of sales audit experience with noticeably high recoveries
  • Proven track record of consistently achieving over 99% timeliness and 99.5% quality ratings by conducting worldwide fare audits across 75+ countries

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