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Social Analytics

Social media analytics is a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiment dispersed across countless online sources. As businesses feel the pressure to gain new insights from social media, they require the analytics expertise to transform this flood of information into actionable strategies. Social media analytics help organizations take control of this data so they can improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter decisions regarding marketing campaigns.


IGT leverages its understanding of the travel domain and customer service experience to offer a tool agnostic service that integrates, analyzes and enables travel companies to act on intelligence gathered from social conversations. It enables you to analyze big data including social chatter and user generated content to specific parts of your business, allowing proactive action planning and 360 degree business insights. Our Analytics CoE utilizes industry-accepted tools and domain experts to analyze data and show trends and provide recommendations.

Some key focus areas of our SM analytics solutions include:

  • Analyze the sentiment of the conversations of the focused segments across multiple channels and quantify interaction levels
  • Provide analytical inputs for design of global campaigns
  • Track the performance of social channels and campaigns
  • Know customer preferences and major pain areas ensuring personalized service to customers
  • Create an early-warning system detecting potential product or service issues

IGT’s travel specific social analytics framework provides end-to-end social analytics including big data analysis:


Social Landscape

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  • Manage online reputation by capturing consumer data and measure conversation, sentiments and behavior towards the brand
  • Predict customer behavior and improve customer satisfaction by recommending next best actions
  • Create customized campaigns and promotions that resonate with social media participants
  • Improve customer scoring with solution Integration with existing CRM setup
  • Enable co-creation with customers to innovate products & services
  • Measure channel effectiveness based on revenue conversions



  • Tools agnostic experience and knowledge including knowledge of leading social media analytics tools like Radian6, SAS, Visible Intelligence etc
  • Alliances with leading tool vendors ensuring seamless integration of tools
  • Global delivery model with substantial cost savings
  • Cost-effective service-offerings that meets business requirements

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