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Social Media Listening & Monitoring Posts
Social media is altering travel planning and purchase decisions. As travelers get more social, travel brands will generate considerable social chatter. Our internal studies confirm that for every 100 customer service calls, airlines will attract 96 conversations over social media. Given the volume of social chatter, travel brands cannot choose to ignore it, as these conversations are making brand impressions on the target customer every day.

The listening and monitoring post at IGT focus on using technology and trained manpower to scan both traditional and new age media to monitor conversations. The listening post at IGT can act as your eyes and ears to help identify customer preferences early on. In addition, the post can also help track conversations around key competitors, industry trends and other external influencers.

  • Monitoring Traditional Media: IGT shall monitor traditional online media to observe and identify conversations and trends.
  • Monitoring Social Media: IGT shall monitor various social channels and consumer-generated media to observe and identify conversations and trends on the mentioned points.
  • Monitoring Influencers & evangelists: IGT to monitor key blogs, tweets and other conversations about the customer done by key influencers & evangelists from the travel and business domain. Some of the key influencers & evangelists to include categories like:
    • Travel domain/ airline analysts
    • Social media analysts
    • Travel CEOs and other leaders


  • Constant awareness of the developments in the travel company’s business environment
  • Easy access to structured and processed business information
  • Considerable time saving in finding relevant business information

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