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Tele Sales
In today's competitive scenario, telesales has proved to be the most flexible and dynamic way to reach out targeted customers in less time. This is a popular tool used as an essential means to meet revenue targets. The biggest challenge organizations face today is the huge cost involved in setting up the infrastructure and staff training which takes away the focus from an organization’s core activities.

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) assists organizations to reach out to their potential customers in a time which is considerably less with better conversion ratio by following an incremental and customer based approach. With an experience spanning across multiple of outbound calling projects in various languages and by working closely with its valued customers, IGT provides an innovative and customized telesales solution best suited to the needs of the customers. IGT makes the optimal use of its various support centers across the globe to provide multilingual support.



  • Lead generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Lead pre-qualification
  • Appointment setting
  • Marketing Research
  • Tele survey
  • Event Registration


  • Identify key business drivers within target organizations and recognize their impact on decision making processes
  • Improvement in usage of a structured ‘Probing Cycle’ to understand a customer’s needs and to build the value of the sale
  • Significant increase in conversion rates whilst decreasing costs per sale
  • Considerable reduction in cost by tailoring the size of telesales campaign to the budget allocated
  • Assists in leaving a professional impression of the customer’s products and services

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Travel Distribution

IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


IGT’s robust solutions and services cater to the pronounced economic volatility and ever-changing business within the hospitality segment


IGT helps address challenges like softening consumer demand and rising fuel costs  to simplify and improve the efficiencies