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Meet IGTians
Vaishali Srivastava, Manager Operations

Joined IGT 8 years ago as a Process Associate and presently working as a Manager Operations. I grabbed every opportunity to learn and enhance my competencies which has contributed to my success.  Working across various functions with diversified group of people has empowered me to play a vital role towards achieving company’s goals.

Meetu Singh, Senior Manager Business Excellence

“The IGT journey of 9+ years has been an integral part of my life. The trust, ample opportunities & responsibilities provided to me by IGT have enabled me in strengthening the quality driven culture here with the quality processes geared towards meeting the delivery criteria, emphasizing on providing reliable and robust solutions & services to the clients.  The dynamic nature of IT & BPO at IGT has increased my acquaintance with the latest technologies and business practices.
I must say "Come, be a part of the IGT world and take your career to new heights!”

Sunil Dawar, Project Manager
The most beautiful discovery in life is growing as a person. It is the place where your inner fire is kept alive, opportunities to start anew, to go where you have not gone before and get a sense of fulfillment and identity. I am glad I grew up here!
Kishore Saha, Product Manager

I was an average person with average attributes – that is how I will describe myself. However the people that I managed made me a success both professionally and personally. They taught me the meaning of “team” and how important it is to listen to them. I now don’t solve a problem sitting at my workstation, I would rather have everyone to come to a consensus…and rest follows.. I must say the culture here empowers you not only to become a better professional, but a better individual too.   
I still follow this learning and never have to worry about my deliverables!

Shashwat Bedi, Manager

Joining an organization in one’s teens and sticking to it for almost a decade is not expected out of us youngsters these days…. But this is what I’ve achieved with my almost decade long carrier at IGT- starting at the lowest level, to managing 200 youngsters now….. My belief – “Love your work and you don’t have to work anymore”
Come be a part of this family…

Rahul Singh, Senior Business Analyst

Stepping into an organization where you are at the helm of your career and you have the luxury of steering it in whichever direction you want, gives you an amazingly confident feeling.
I joined IGT straight after my MBA and it has been around one and half year of tremendous learning experience. People are very cordial and they provide every possible support in your endeavor to reach the pinnacle of success. At IGT, we believe in the philosophy of “WE”.

Suman Das, Manager Consulting

Since 2003 my journey with IGT has been fascinating in every sense. I couldn’t have had better colleagues than at IGT. The friendship and connections I formed here will last for life time. It’s my second home.
The experience of working with multiple groups, projects, travel verticals, geographies and technologies have been overwhelming and fulfilling. The exposure, opportunities and responsibilities has made me more mature, knowledgeable, responsible and a better human being. At IGT learning to adapt and adapting to learn is an ongoing achievement.
Being in IGT I can keep my passion for travel industry burning.

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