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Life @ IGT

Stimulating work environment
InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) offers its employees challenging assignments and a world-class working environment. In a workplace exhilarating with energy, IGT provides the right mix of professional challenges, knowledge and entertainment at work.

IGT gives its employees ample opportunity to learn by getting experience in delivering solutions for a global client base and working on the latest technologies available.

A company with multiple offerings ranging from software development to outsourcing, from business process transformation to consulting, IGT provides a wide range of options for people looking to make a difference in their careers.

Career Path

IGT gives its employees ample opportunity to be a part of world-class leadership development programs. It also encourages cross-functional movement for its employees to gain meaningful exposure.

Enjoying work
IGT believes that the secret of success lies in bright and creative minds working together. IGT is a high-energy company filled with people who want to be challenged and rewarded for meeting those challenges. IGT is always thought of as an extension of one’s campus life. Strong and cohesive teams, a relaxed but disciplined environment and a never say die spirit makes everyone feel the camaraderie at work place.

Emphasis on Training

IGT helps its employees realize their highest potential. In house and international experts conduct regular training sessions to enhance team's domain knowledge and keep them abreast of latest technology tools.

IGT offers careers which are in sync with individual strengths. As the IT and BPO industry is very dynamic in nature, IGT understands the need to be at par with the latest technologies and business practices. Keeping this in mind, training and development programs have been designed to transform each individual into a true professional.

"Come, be a part of the IGT world and take you’re career to new heights!”

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Airlines Services,Airports Services,Duty Free ServicesIGT provides a wide range of solutions & services by providing a rare amalgamation of modern technology platforms and industry best practices

Travel Distribution

IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


IGT’s robust solutions and services cater to the pronounced economic volatility and ever-changing business within the hospitality segment


IGT helps address challenges like softening consumer demand and rising fuel costs  to simplify and improve the efficiencies