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We deliver high quality module based applications which are easy to maintain, enhance and are reliable to deploy using the global delivery model.  Our CoE services are based on industry standard process quality frameworks (CMMi, CMM, PCMM) and uses rigorous methodologies along with the expertise to mitigate risk and deliver cost and time-to-market benefits.

ADM CoE Offerings

The Service offerings are:
Requirements analysis, gathering and management - IGT offers its travel domain expertise in capturing client’s requirements from a functional, operational and technical perspective to analyze and provide the best-suited solution requirement in an easily presentable format

Gap analysis - Based on travel domain expertise, IGT offers to understand client’s “as-is” and “to-be” processes, using the latest industry standard tools and technique, to benchmark, measure and prepare the best solution requirements scope

Complete lifecycle application development - IGT offers complete management of software development using CMM level 5 methodologies. IGT’s matured application development process encompasses all the phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production support

Migration from legacy platform - IGT offers a rigorous and business friendly migration process which involves understanding the legacy system, analyzing the best possible migration roadmap which may involve partial/ full migration from the legacy system in staggered, managed or big-bang migration path based on business and system needs. IGT also supports the business in execution of the migration path by building a common understanding of the engagement and providing easy solution

ADM CoE Framework

IGT's Testing CoE Offerings
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Business Value and Benefits

  • Our strong process framework evolved out of our rich experience in executing various projects of different sizes, complexities and domains therefore, enables better execution of our development projects through the following natural advantages:
  • Strong and flexible project management framework allows execution of development projects of varying sizes and complexities. This is further supported by the continuous innovation within the organization through our quality innovation group
  • Data and metrics based project management throughout the life cycle of the project
  • Tailoring of processes with customer’s processes if needed
  • Reusable components from our repository thereby avoiding reinventing the wheel and reducing overall cost


Airlines Services,Airports Services,Duty Free ServicesIGT provides a wide range of solutions & services by providing a rare amalgamation of modern technology platforms and industry best practices

Travel Distribution

IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


IGT’s robust solutions and services cater to the pronounced economic volatility and ever-changing business within the hospitality segment


IGT helps address challenges like softening consumer demand and rising fuel costs  to simplify and improve the efficiencies