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Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

In this modern era, companies are seeking state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform to enable online customers to create online bookings for different services through a set of flexible & customizable set of solution components using web services integration to different GDS/content providers.

InterGlobe Technologies' (IGT) Internet Booking Engine solution framework helps travel services providers enhance their customer reach through an extended distribution system, offers rich customer experience, while leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. The online booking solution is based on a B2B/B2C model that further extends to B2B2C support and enables users to create online bookings for different services through a set of flexible & customizable set of solution components.


  • The solution is based on an architecture and design that is scalable, modular, and customizable, with flexibility to integrate to multiple GDSes, external interfaces using web services integration.
  • It is based on a three-tier architecture comprising of presentation, business logic and communication layers to achieve high availability and enhanced booking engine performance.
  • It utilizes industry standard application programming interface(s) to access the global distribution system.


  • Supports multiple suppliers, multiple currency, multiple languages, multiple API
  • Advanced Rule Engine to manage dynamic packaging
  • Interface Zone Mapping to minimize search across multiple interfaces
  • B2B login and account profile maintenance


  • Use of future proof technology to provide a robust, secure and scalable platform to cope with the changing business needs
  • Reduction in response time through multi-layer component architecture that supports caching at different levels
  • Multi level security with page level and business level access control loosely coupled architecture to provide flexibility for customization and enhancement
  • Transactional costs are considerably reduced due intelligent caching rules to minimize number of hits to external interfaces

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