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Mobility is changing the way consumer behaves and buys a travel product. This pace of change in innovation and technology in mobility is faster than other IT areas. Many organizations are trying to place their feet in the booming market of enterprise /consumer mobility or mobile applications. While the complexity of creating a small application is pretty simple compared to solving big IT problems, the dynamics of the mobility space poses the challenges of fast scaling, right sustenance and engagement model.

By combining extensive knowledge of the travel domain, existing mobility frameworks and tools and technologies, the IGT Mobility CoE not only accelerates mobility deployment within the travel and hospitality organization it also minimizes overall cost.  Additionally, it helps you to stay tuned with the market need and latest innovations.

Mobility CoE Offerings

IGT’s mobility CoE enables an organization to build applications using a variety of wireless channels on a platform that integrates into enterprise systems. IGT’s mobility CoE provides a perfect environment which contains people, tools, processes and labs to manage an organisation’s complex requirements and provides support. Our expertise in various handset features, protocols, display capabilities and user experience management enable us to build native solutions on different Mobile OS as well as Mobile Web and Hybrid solutions based on customer needs. IGT’s Mobility CoE is focused on emerging mobile technologies to develop new solutions and services that would provide its customers new channels of earning revenue, increase customer satisfaction and improve brand image.  

Travel Mobility Framework

IGT's Testing CoE Offerings

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Mobility CoE


  • JQuery mobile toolkit, PhoneGap, HTML5.0/4.0, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Web Services
  • Mobile Application Platforms
  • J2EE/.Net/PHP Serverside platforms
  • Integrated Mobile Studios for modelling, services and integration

PoC Development

  • Quick PoCs to showcase understanding on a client’s business need
  • Proof of Technologies and Product/Platform selection
  • Adopting Agile Methodologies

Mobile Environments

  • Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry,Windows 7
  • Native Browsers, External browsers like Opera
  • Handsets for devices from different vendors (Apple/Google/RIM/Samsung)

Domain Expertise

  • Synergies with domain experts
  • Travel Distribution, Transportaion, Hospitality, Cruises,Aviation

Mobile on Cloud

  • Hosting on Amazon EC2, Private Cloud
  • Mobile Cloud monitoring
  • Online Access to Devices and Device Monitoring

Business Value and Benefits

  • IGT’s travel mobile application framework “ tMobi” enhances multichannel experience for travellers by providing them the ability to do their travel activities on the move. tMobi delivers personalized services to passengers, enabling travellers to quickly and easily search for flights, make reservations, payments, select personalized food menus, faster check-ins and view complete details of the booked flights using their preferred mobile device
  • IGT’s Mobility Cruise Application is a one stop application designed to accommodate all areas of passenger related activities on board, making information available on mobile devices throughout the ship.  Built completely on iPhone’s native SDK, the app features internal navigation, reminders, itinerary planner, concierge, customised deals among the many features
  • IGT’s travel mobility framework is specifically designed to address travel and hospitality industry needs and is based on a “ready-to-use’ framework  for accelerated ‘time-to-market’
  • The IGT mobility CoE brings “SoCoMo” (Social, Cloud, Mobile) synergises in the travel marketplace to develop custom mobile applications which are fully scalable and highly interactive with minimal cost-setup


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IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


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