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IGT has a dedicated Testing CoE, which focuses on providing independent verification and validation solutions. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific client needs and are focused on delivering results which provide true business value. Under the umbrella of our Testing CoE we have maintained a rich knowledge repository and best practices of tools, techniques and methodologies to ensure the reliability and quality demands of our customers. We work with our clients throughout the SDLC and provide valuable testing support which impact and enhance their competitive advantage. In doing so, we leverage the combined strength of our technology skills, travel & hospitality domain knowledge, software quality assurance expertise, process focus and commitment to long-term client relationships to deliver the complete value.

Testing CoE Offerings

Our Testing CoE nurtures resources to think ‘Past the Project’ and continuously strive to exceed client’s expectations by delivering best quality results. IGT adopts a framework-based approach and has well-defined methodologies to offer our customer’s leading testing solutions.

IGT's Testing CoE Offerings
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Anand Sahay, VP-IT answers how Testing services lead to error free transactions for OTA’s/TMC’s

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Testing Processes

IGT has developed testing processes based on CMMi Level 5 guidelines which help reducing time to market and effective defects resolution:

  • Cutting costs by reducing overheads
  • Ensuring sustenance through economic crisis
  • Generating additional revenues without affecting customer satisfaction

The IGT testing process shows various STLC stages and the activities executed in each stage. The start of testing is done by test strategy and test planning while the last stage is reporting various metrics and dashboards are generated.

IGT's Testing CoE Offerings
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Business Value and Benefits
  • IGT’ strong QA-BA function combining extensive travel domain knowledge, technology expertise and testing best practices creates a unique set of testing approaches and services which reduces time to market of the applications, reduces cost of quality  and improve productivity
  • QA-BA engagement helps in requirement gathering and negates the possibility of requirement defect early in the SDLC
  • BA involvement in test scenarios design and review helps in reducing the leakage of defects to production
  • IGT Testing CoE’s rich repository of reusable artefacts, knowledge assets and processes designed for travel and hospitality industry enables the client to achieve operational excellence and enhance business value


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