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Point of Sale (POS)
Companies in the travel domain are in a look out for solutions that will help them focus on their core business and reduce issues of operational inefficiencies.

InterGlobe Technologies' (IGT) travel Point of Sale (POS) is an out-of-the-box, web based, secure, hassle free single interface solution to create and manage all types of travel bookings across all suppliers and customers designed specifically to address the needs of mid and large-sized travel agencies in retail environment.


  • The  travel Point of Sale  application comes with two powerful components that give you the edge for managing complex business rules and multiple suppliers with ease
  • Different search options like search for availability or directly search for fares with lowest fare search option
  • The travel Point of Sale can be used for walk-in customers, call center customers, corporate customers, online customers and to support all distribution channels


  • Ticketing & booking management functions
  • Personal Desktop/Dashboard area for each user with multi tasking capability, e.g., open multiple search across multiple services
  • Cryptic Commands Interface for executing certain GDS specific commands
  • Validation checks & alerts based on business rules & settings
  • View/Maintain customer profiles including preferences & loyalty member information
  • Generate fare quotes for different services
  • Multiple modes of payment with flexible markups facility
  • Loyalty points accumulation & redemption for bookings based on the points value & business rules
  • Shopping cart mode book multiple services with easy to use drag and drop options
  • Simultaneous search of services across multiple destinations
  • Multi location, multi currency, multi GDS support
  • Optional cryptic commands interface for executing certain GDS specific commands


  • Easiest tool to use in the market which also reduce booking time
  • Booking operations automation which enhances customer experience
  • Integration to 3rd party applications using API/web services
  • Integration with private negotiated rates
  • Can be customized as per customer’s business model

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