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Today, the airports face great challenges due to increase in aircraft traffic, growing operating costs and space utilization problems which are caused due to rapid increase in freight volumes and inadequate capacity. The ever growing customers' expectations, security threats, severe environmental demands and liberalization have further worsened the situation which has put ground handling under tremendous pressure. At InterGlobe Technologies (IGT), we understand these problems and continuously work towards providing solutions, simultaneously increasing the efficiency and thus giving better results.


  • Coming up of new players in within the airline space resulting in increase in aircraft traffic
  • Space utilization problems due to increase in freight volumes and insufficient capacity
  • Liberalization and increase in customers' expectations have led to further increase in pressure in the ground handling arena
  • Increase in  operating costs due  to the rising cost of fuel


Information Technology (IT) 

  • Passenger processing & services 
    • Automated (self service) passenger boarding gate systems- Kiosks
    • Development of passenger tracking / flow management tools
    • e-Commerce portal

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Multilingual customer service desk
  • Flight status notification over SMS
  • Baggage services
  • Passenger notification services
  • Business support functions like finance and HR


  • Significant cost saving due to short implementation cycle
  • Enhancement in customer satisfaction by providing reduced time to market and effective information
  • Increase in  manpower efficiency by the use of automated workflow and integrated systems
  • Improves user output and minimizes training overheads by using user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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