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Online travel Agencies

The online travel industry, in the current market situation is facing numerous challenges as rapidly rising costs, meeting customer expectations and enormous economic pressures.

Building on its experience of over a period of 20 years, InterGlobe Technologies
(IGT) helps enterprises leverage its robust strategy to manage and lead an entire era of transformation. IGT’s deep domain expertise, qualified and experienced resource pool and a strong focus on operational excellence help online travel agencies manage their non core processes. 


  • Problems in deciding the distribution of products through multiple on line and off line sales channels while managing inventory
  • Pressure to up sell and proper management of the seats sold out
  • Difficulty in deciding whether to use a system that charges a flat fee or a commission
  • Changing economic conditions
  • New financial regulations


Information Technology (IT) 

  • Application development & maintenance
  • Production support
  • API integration
  • Application testing & services
  • Platform migration
  • Solution framework for CRM, CBT and travel ERP
  • Technology consulting

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • End to End contact center services
  • Business intelligence
  • Call center support
  • Rules coding and quality check
  • Data entry
  • Schedule upload and maintenance
  • Agency debit memo research
  • Fares helpdesk support Facility including ATPCO fare filing and negotiated fares loading
  • Fares, Hotel and reservation database management
  • Loyalty program management


  • The rare combination of IGT’s wide range of travel BPO services, robust IT support, strong domain knowledge and industry best practices help clients' by improving customer service, reducing costs and streamlining processes through efficiency, quality and productivity improvement
  • Flexible pricing model which gives additional ease to the clients in case there are chances of fluctuations in the business volumes
  • Ensuring continuous improvement by implementing Six Sigma projects for process improvements and to reduce the average handling time for the inbound calls

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Airlines Services,Airports Services,Duty Free ServicesIGT provides a wide range of solutions & services by providing a rare amalgamation of modern technology platforms and industry best practices

Travel Distribution

IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


IGT’s robust solutions and services cater to the pronounced economic volatility and ever-changing business within the hospitality segment


IGT helps address challenges like softening consumer demand and rising fuel costs  to simplify and improve the efficiencies