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CSR -iRise

The spirit of giving has been an integral part of IGT’s culture. And each year, we have contributed to change, to society and to a better planet.

In our pledge to give back to society, we’ve established our global CSR program called ‘iRise – for a better tomorrow’. 'iRise' comes from the belief that a business has an essential role to play in addressing the challenges of our times and aims at enriching the quality of life within society. The phrase ‘For a better tomorrow’ is rooted in the idea that companies, like citizens; share a common tomorrow and a responsibility “to better” that tomorrow.

And like in business, where we enable better travel, in CSR we will create the purest form of value to enrich future generations - EDUCATION.

The focal point of CSR initiatives is to improve academic standards in economically backward communities by training young women, children and men or providing tools and technologies to enhance learning environments. Making them become equally competitive and securing a job in today’s industries will open doors to the future.

Our role in CSR efforts is borderless and we will partner with international organizations and domestic NGOs to pursue these programs. Please join us in enabling a better tomorrow with iRise.

Details of CSR Programs at IGT

IGT has ensured complete due diligence in selecting CSR programs with beneficiaries that are local to the community where IGT works and drives its business operations. All the CSR programs at IGTS will fall under 'iRise - for a better tomorrow.' 

  • Partnership with CAP Foundation - IGT has partnered with CAP Foundation's BEST (Basic Education Skills Training) program titled ‘Project Livelihood’ which will train underprivileged young women in the right skills and technologies.  IGT will sponsor the education of over 200 young women in Delhi and Chennai centers with specially designed courses, qualifying these girls to realize their full potential and ensure job opportunities in the today’s 21st century workplaces.  
  • Partnership with Aga Khan Trust - InterGlobe is collaborating with Aga Khan Trust for Culture for the conservation and restoration of the tomb of Sufi poet Abdul Rahim Khan I Khanan. IGTS has partnered and funded in this project with InterGlobe foundation.

Employee Volunteering at IGT

iServe:  IGT's Employee Volunteering Program (EVP) provides all employees the opportunity to volunteer their time and skill towards CSR initiatives.  

IGT acknowledges the development of local community as a big part of its core vision and aims to equally empower a better world for future generations, in the communities they live and work. 

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