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Our Approach

InterGlobe Technologies (IGT), over the years has evolved to become a fact and process-driven organization. With proven processes and unique tools designed to assist executives in all matters related to outsourcing, IGT has set a new standards within the travel domain.

IGT’s combined methods, discipline and benchmarking best practices sets them apart from their competitors. It ensures that the outsourcing initiatives are well planned, designed, negotiated, benchmarked, executed, implemented, governed and managed.

As one of the leading providers of IT and BPO solution within the travel domain, IGT recognizes that the key to customer satisfaction and long-term success is to anticipate customer’s needs and develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide them with a distinct competitive advantage.  IGT is committed to setting new industry standards, maintaining a strong sense of commitment towards its valued customers and speed to market.  Its approach includes extensive research on both emerging market trends and customer challenges which help its customers focus on their core competencies.

IGT follows the following approach in order to help its customers stay ahead of the curve:

The above approach helps IGT customers overcome limitations of technology, quality, growing expenses, time lines or a combination of all thereby bringing the following benefits to its customers:

  • Smooth, efficient and predictable functioning operations
  • Enhanced process management and effectiveness
  • Reoriented operations that are based on changes in business focus and strategy
  • Scalable solutions

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Airlines Services,Airports Services,Duty Free ServicesIGT provides a wide range of solutions & services by providing a rare amalgamation of modern technology platforms and industry best practices

Travel Distribution

IGT has an answer to the dynamic needs of the travel distribution industry by providing wide-experience and domain-rich solutions


IGT’s robust solutions and services cater to the pronounced economic volatility and ever-changing business within the hospitality segment


IGT helps address challenges like softening consumer demand and rising fuel costs  to simplify and improve the efficiencies