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InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) developed KAPTIVE™, a strong knowledge acquisition & transfer approach that is essential for successfully understanding customer’s requirements and converting those requirements into a successful outsourcing model, thus leading to a stable and mature IT operation closely aligned with the business goals of the customers.

IGT’s approach has evolved from years of practice, and continues to be refined further with each and every engagement.  IGT’s indigenously developed, unique Knowledge Acquisition, Propagation and Transfer Initiative (KAPTIVE) process allows it to thoroughly understand and agree to the customer’s business and technical needs, as well as the scope and expectations of the engagement. 

IGT’s approach to outsourcing is guided by getting a rich understanding of the customer’s global operations, business processes and technology environment. This practice is of great significance as it helps in:

  • Understanding the business from a functional, operational, and technological perspective
  • Building a common understanding of the need for the engagement, and its intended goals
  • Communicating the customer’s goals across IGT’s delivery organization
  • Creating the processes and the technology framework to architect solutions that synchronize  with the customer’s plans, operating environment, and culture
  • Identifying, deploying and leveraging best-of-breed domain and technology expertise to address customer’s business needs

KAPTIVEprocess at IGT covers the following phases:

Knowledge Acquisition Phase
The purpose of this phase is a methodical grasping of available knowledge, through customer user interviews and a thorough review of existing documentation. The steps involved in this phase are:

  • Gathering Product Overview
  • Gathering Production/Environment Knowledge
  • Gathering Functional Knowledge from Subject Matter Expert & Business Solutions Executives (SMEs & BSEs)
  • Application Support Model  

Knowledge Documentation Phase
The purpose of this phase is to consolidate and document knowledge gathered in the previous phase. This includes:

  • Documentation of Application Flows
  • Documentation of Application Layer Logic
  • Documentation of Database Structure

Knowledge Validation Phase
Once the documents are completed and available, they are passed on to the customer’s team for verification. Thereafter, presentations are made to customers to validate the documented knowledge, followed by discussions to highlight suggestions or inconsistencies. This phase broadly involves:

  • Presentation of Application Flows
  • Presentation of Business Rules
  • Presentation of Application Layer Logic
  • Presentation of Database Structure
  • Incorporating Suggestions
  • Sign-off from customer on Material

Responsibility Transfer Phase
This phase concerns with the actual transfer of responsibility to IGT. Prior to the transfer any set-up documentation would also have to be prepared.

  • Database Setup at IGT
  • Application Setup at IGT
  • Application Support (On-site)

Knowledge Propagation to IGT Development Team
This stage covers the preparation of training material and transfer of knowledge to the development team at IGT. The purpose of this phase is methodical dissemination of the knowledge to the IGT Development Team. This is carried out by core members of the onsite team and monitored for effective dissemination by the Engagement Director and the Offshore Project Manager. Training materials are created to focus on imparting the application knowledge gathered to the development team. Also, at this stage a reusable set of training material is created, that can be used for future trainings as well.

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