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The prospect of flying to a new location is conceptually an exciting event for both the leisure and business traveler. However, the process of handling multiple airport transfers, check-in and baggage drop, flight delays are universal stress triggers amongst air travelers. However intelligent airports are working on not only mitigating these issues.

The airports are fast upgrading to become future ready and intelligent. An intelligent airport monitors, identifies, and analyzes real time information while updating every stakeholder with optimized set of data points to enable optimized airport processes and passenger journey. With the appropriate use of technology, new age intelligent airports have been able to reduce passenger stress thus improving both top line and bottom line performance.


As a trusted technology and customer service partner of the aviation industry, InterGlobe Technologies believes in enabling better travel through technology and process innovation. From self –service kiosk and mobile applications to multilingual social media support, IGT can help airports provide the right experience for the new age travelers while managing the operational expenses via centralized helpdesk to manage stress triggers like lost baggage, flight delays- cancellations etc. IGT can also help airports drive top line though integrated commerce solutions and shopping platforms thus enabling an integrated shopping experience to the travelers.

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Airports globally have become more and more keen to invest in technology and customer service. IGT as a leading provider of integrated IT and BPO solutions to the aviation industry provides new age services across:

  • Technology integration

    • Application Services
    • Analytics
    • Core Applications
    • Ecommerce/ Website
    • Self-service enablement
  • Mobility

  • Social media

  • Outsourcing

    • Customer Service
    • Crew Management
    • Mishandled Baggage Helpdesk


  • Analytics to provide 360 view of passenger, airline, shopping and other airport data
  • Multilingual 24*7 support across 16 languages
  • Faster turnaround times to meet the expectations of the demanding always connected passengers
  • Demonstrated capability in providing customer satisfaction for passengers
  • Centralized management and governance of airports helpdesk