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Surface Transport

In today's world of continued growth and globalized markets, the logistics industry has to deal with various complexities of the supply chain. Pronounced economic volatility, softening consumer demand, fuel prices instability, just-in-time requirement of customers, and the necessity of cost-effectiveness add to the complexity of the ecosystem are impacting the operating results of the logistics industry.

Building on InterGlobe Technologies' (IGT) extensive experience of delivering logistics outsourcing solutions for leading logistics companies, IGT combines deep domain expertise, strong focus on alignment with its clients, and operational excellence to allow logistics companies to focus on their core business while we takes care of their other business processes.

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InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) offers a full range of services including travel software implementation, technology integration, ecommerce and outsourcing services to car rentals, railways and other surface transport industries.

  • Standardization of business processes which allows organizations to take the next step to transform processes thereby increasing efficiency and throughput
  • Access to useful information on services related to highway tracking and movement of vehicles which helps in tracking of both the consignment as well as the truck
  • Ensures significant savings for the logistics industry through document processing which as a part of the value chain accounts for 35 to 50 % of the total cost