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Architecture Consulting

Constantly evolving travel industry dynamics and emerging technology trends have transformed the role of IT to a key business enabler for airlines, hotels, cruises, GDSs, OTAs and TMCs. Travel companies today look for robust, scalable and business-aligned IT architecture to ensure long-term competitiveness and profitability.

IGT provides best-in-class IT architecture consulting services by leveraging its extensive knowledge of the travel domain, specialized frameworks & accelerators for travel technology and vast experience of working on travel IT systems. This helps travel companies define the right strategy and implementation roadmap for architecture related initiatives, balancing their short-term needs with long-term business goals.

Creating lean and robust systems using Agile methodology and service oriented architecture approach will help travel companies improve organizational efficiency and act as a competitive differentiator.

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IGT’s Architecture Consulting Centre of Excellence (CoE) provides the following solution offerings:

  • Technology Consulting on open system technology platforms (JEE and .NET): Design, development, implementation, infrastructure management and support facilitation for architecture related initiatives across the enterprise
  • IT Transformation Services: Assess existing IT systems, identify opportunities for improvement and optimization, design new systems to support the ever changing business needs
  • Middleware Services: Enterprise integration strategy using open systems-based middleware platforms on JEE and .NET
  • SOA Services: Consultancy on adoption of SOA for enterprise and departmental needs, Maturity Assessment of existing SOA infrastructure, SOA Technology workshops for IT teams, creation of SOA Assurance Strategy for enterprise
  • IT Governance Advisory Services: Establish robust governance practices for managing the strategic, tactical and operational aspects of IT
  • Web / Mobility / Self-Service Channel Adoption: Create winning strategies for establishing and maintaining organization's identity in web, mobile and self-service channels
  • Extensive travel domain-led IT solution development experience, enabling better alignment of IT systems with organizational business objectives
  • Streamlined IT systems portfolio, capable of responding to dynamically changing business needs
  • Experience of working on merger and migration support for leading airlines and GDSs