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Rate Helpdesk

The skills required to perform complex fare calculations are difficult to find and invariably expensive for an airline.  In many cases, when a passenger has to fly multi-city, the itinerary becomes very complicated; thus requiring complex fare calculations. Due to the complex nature of the transactions, the reservation or ticketing agent would require support from a fare specialist to compute the fares for a given itinerary. 

IGT has an exceptionally skilled team of experienced fare filing experts. IGT is uniquely placed to provide rate and fare helpdesk services and support the front office with fare calculations, exchanges and other troubleshooting help needed.

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IGT has the capability to deliver best-in-class services across all major GDS (GAL, Sabre, Amadeus and Apollo)

IGT rate / fare helpdesk provides the following services:

  • More than 1 million fare filing contracts loaded in the last 10 years using various tools including APF3, ATPCO, and proprietary tools like Datalex and Morpheus
  • Streamlined workflows for consistently maintaining first call resolution ratios at above 80%
  • Significant cost savings and productivity improvement by the use of automated workflow and integrated systems
  • Extensive fare filing experience enabling faster resolution and stem repeat calls