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Creating and managing personalized customer experience has been a key priority for travel & hospitality companies. With the surge of social media communications across web and mobile, customer interaction becomes even more important for global companies. It has become imperative for companies to carefully evaluate passenger needs and provide personalized experiences for driving brand recognition, increasing sales and profitability, and engendering loyalty.

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IGT leverages its understanding of the travel domain and customer engagement experience to help companies develop a holistic social media operations strategy across digital technology platforms. IGT’s Social Media Hub works with multiple stakeholders in an organization to provide a one stop customer engagement experience across the entire social landscape.

The Hub enables airlines, travel agencies and hotels to set-up, manage and monitor their customer service and engagement practice through social media. Tool agnostic services are provided to integrate, analyze, and derive intelligence from social conversations.

IGT's Social Media Hub helps travel and hospitality companies analyze social chatter and user generated content about specific parts of their businesses, allowing proactive action planning, assessing social impact on business and 360-degree business insights.

Key services offered by IGT on social media include:

  • Social Media Consulting: Engage with Social Media, Marketing and Customer Service Experts to enhance value of social media and customer engagement strategies. Consulting is provided on areas like:
    • Social media policy
    • Social media benchmarking
    • Process & Escalation matrix definition
    • Technology and application strategy
    • Social analytics tools & CRM evaluation
  • Social Media Contact Center
    • Listening & Monitoring Posts: Decode relevant social chatter and provide marketing teams with real-time, business ready insights about their brand and passenger perception
    • Customer Service: Ensure timely and adequate response to all social media mentions through a multilingual social media customer service hub. The hub acts as an extension to companies’ social media team while adhering to brand and communication guidelines.
  • Social Media Reporting & Analytics: Access role-based reports and business insights based on real-time passenger chatter through an innovative social media analytics engine.


  • 50% savings on customer engagement compared to traditional channels
  • Multilingual 24x7 support in 16 languages
  • Faster turnaround times to meet the expectations of the demanding social customer
  • On-demand ramp-up to manage crisis communication
  • Business-ready information derived from decoding social chatter in multiple languages