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Transaction Processing Facility

Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) applications are at the core of majority of the world’s airline & hotel reservation, credit card authori­zation, network switching and front-end processing. More than 90 percent of all airline & hotel reservations and credit-card authorizations are processed using TPF. These applications are easily capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second.

IGT's TPF Center of Excellence (CoE) understands travel  business needs and addresses them with its time tested solutions.  IGT manages, migrates and supports core travel systems based on TPF technologies like Assembler, TPF-C, TPF-C++, ALCS, REXX, JCL, MVS and zTPF.

IGT’s TPF CoE boasts the largest pool of travel domain TPF experts, having over 4.5 million man hours of experience on TPF systems.

With proven experience in managing large and complex TPF applications for leading airlines and large GDSs, IGT's TPF experts have an in-depth understanding of the travel domain. Along with executing the maximum number of zTPF migrations across the globe, IGT has also undertaken the world's largest zTPF migration involving over 30,000 programs with 99.99% accuracy.


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IGT’s TPF CoE leverages its functional expertise, extensive experience and industry best practices to deliver maximum value to its customers while ensuring quality and client focus.

IGT provides end to end consulting, design, deployment and training on TPF systems and technologies:

  • TPF Application Development and Maintenance: IGT provides application development, product support, system integration, interface support and reverse engineering of TPF systems
  • Database Management: IGT provides TPFDF management, DB2 management, Tape Management and Flat File Management
  • System Migration: IGT provides migration services on TPF / ALCS version upgrades and zTPF
  • TPF Testing: IGT provides end-to-end testing of TPF systems including regression, performance and functional testing
  • Test System Administration & Support: IGT provides system administration, maintenance, support and reporting for various systems 
  • TPF Specialized Services: IGT provides specialized services like TPF operating systems management, processor management & capacity planning, Console Log analysis and Disaster Recovery
  • World's largest pool of travel TPF experts continuously trained on the latest TPF/ALCS technology updates
  • Strong domain expertise in travel with comprehensive solution knowledge having over 4.5 Million man hours of experience in managing complex TPF systems
  • Specialized migration experts with experience in migrating over 50,000 modules at an excellent success rate of 99.99%
  • 99% success rate of maintenance of TPF systems with upto 10 times increase in process efficiency
  • Reusable test repository of airline domain test cases leading to reduction of development life cycle
  • Automated tools like TPF Cross-Functional Impact Matrix which support TPF development and testing
  • Ongoing skill development on TPF and related tools & technology through IGT’s TPF Academy