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What is IGT’s Integrated IT BPO Solution?

Today companies are looking at simplifying multi-outsourcing vendor associations to achieve maximum benefits by consolidating outsourcing relationships. IGT’s Integrated IT-BPO solutions operate across the entire value chain of travel, right from calculation of complex fares to migration and management of mainframe solutions, from managing dynamic multi–contact channels to building mobile commerce and social CRM platforms.

How does it work?

  • Integrated Delivery: A unique delivery approach that focuses on using the best practices of both IT and BPO, right from scoping to migration to post implementation support and achieving enhanced business benefits.
  • Unified Governance: An amalgamated governance model that fosters transparency, better communication, greater trust and genuine reciprocity in the outsourcing relationship.
  • Shared Knowledge Pool: Focuses on weaving together complimentary skills, underpinned by functional and technical expertise, with an aim to maximize the business outcome for the customer.
  • Integrated Quality Assurance: : An integrated measurement technique that focuses on overall business outcome and value addition rather than on piecemeal service level measures.
  • Gain Sharing: Involves building of strategic relationships to achieve higher levels of performances through increased participation and collaboration.

Why do I need it?

  • I want to increase my revenue potential: Learn how to maximize customer connect and reach using multiple touch points across traditional and new age channels like mobile and social media. Know more »
  • I need to drive process excellence: Understand how unified governance and integrated delivery can alter the quality of deliverables and create processes that are robust and scalable. Know more »
  • I want to launch my products faster: : Discover how integrated service architecture will lead to reduced time to market. Know more »
  • I need to reduce my total cost of outsourcing: See how reduced redundancy, greater efficiency, minimized waste can lead to overall reduced expenditures thus improving bottom line performance. Know more »
  • I need to reduce operational risk: Learn how Integrated outsourcing can help mitigate the risk of system errors, process and technology failures.
    Know more »
  • I need to enhance my customer experience: Unleash the power of integrated IT-BPO to use multi-channel support equipped with real time customer data and analytics to drive customer loyalty. Know more »