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The increasing growth of global trade, rise of travel, and the ever changing fuel costs make railroad one of the preferred options for freight and passenger transport. The dynamic requirement of customers, rise of connectivity, flexibility to accommodate market changes and pronounced compliance and safety standards, add to the complexity of the railway’s technology ecosystem.

Railroads need solutions that drive punctuality, predictability of integrated processes and a maximization of resource utilization and data, to stay on track for the future. They also, need to continuously align their strategies and business models with the digital transformation.

InterGlobe Technologies' (IGT) extensive experience of delivering solutions to leading travel companies, enables fully integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions for a smarter performance for the railroad industry. With challenges in technology growing, IGT solutions address the three key demands of quality, security and cost efficiency.

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InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) offers a full range of services including, bespoke technology integration, end-to-end testing services, IoT-enabled Mobility solutions, ecommerce and outsourcing services, consulting and performance optimization services.

Along with domain experience and skills, IGT provides fully-integrated and end-to-end IT- BPO offerings.

  • Centralized standardization of business processes allowing organizations to transform operations and data thereby increasing efficiency and throughput
  • Instant access and notifications to information on rail services, tracking and movement of both the consignment as well as the train for effective maintenance of process and point assets.
  • Upto 30 % cost savings through effective document processing