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Call Center Management

Interactions with customers are becoming the point of differentiation among service providers. It is therefore imperative to provide personalized customer experience and align the right resources to the right platforms.

IGT effectively manages the complex and challenging call center environment by providing right training to its resources, aligning the best resource to best platform and delivering actionable insights for operational efficiencies.

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  • Business Value

IGT provides travel training services, cost-effective Workforce Management (WFM) solutions and robust quality mechanisms. This enables excellence in service delivery to its clients while reducing their outflow on fixed and upfront investments.

  • Developing the talent: Travel Training School
    The quality of employees and their development through training and education is a major factor in determining long-term profitability for clients & customers. IGT has an in-house talent development program to create voice & travel trained resources. IGT has expertise in call handling skills with a deep understanding of customer sales and service, GDS and travel domain. 
  • Aligning the best resources: Workforce Management
    Intelligent routing systems can balance the load between agents and different call center locations to shorten wait-time and improve resource use. Managing the workload can help avoid overstaffing and minimize wait-time for customers. IGT’s WFM team analyzes and understands the reporting needs of the clients. Capacity planning, forecasting, resource calculation & scheduling, analytics, MIS and reporting are enabled through tools like NICE, Verint, Oracle BI and Minitab.
  • Delivering actionable insights: Quality Services
    IGT employs a quality assurance program designed to promote performance and results of the services contracted by clients. This program ensures high quality services which focus on measuring and improving reliability, speed, cost effectiveness and client satisfaction. It is comprised of several elements of our process / systems management disciplines including change management, problem management and service level management.
  • Business transformation through improved SLAs delivery and call center assessment
  • Compliance of regulations with automated supervision and surveillance with centralized control
  • Improved productivity of agents and enhanced business performance