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Over the recent years, myriad reasons have affected airlines to delay/ cancel their flights. Any ad-hoc flight cancellation due to weather disruptions, technical glitches etc. puts tremendous pressure on the ground staff to accommodate passengers on next flights and generate their new PNRs. These irregular operations hugely impact the revenue of the airlines as every cancelled international flight may result in huge financial losses.

IGT offers one-stop shop for handling all customer queries during irregular operations. The Irregular Operations (IRROPS) support center at IGT provides 24x7 assistance with setting up of procedures and handling back office and call center support in times of crises.

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IGT combines travel domain expertise and customer service experience to provide irregular operations support to its clients. Utilizing proven methodologies and industry best practices, IGT help airlines retain revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies. IGT provides 24x7 multichannel customer support over new-age media channels like voice, web, social media and many others.

IGT provides following services to assist airlines during irregular operations:-

  • Rebooking services: Rebooking passengers and generating their new PNRs considering various factors like passenger’s frequent flyer status, class of travel, time of the next available flight, SPA agreements and other factors as stated by the airline policy
  • Notification Services: Email or call notifications for cancellations, schedule changes, denied boardings, equipment changes, downgrades etc. according to the business timelines
  • Mishandled Baggage Services: Managing passenger queries around lost/ mishandled baggage, support for baggage claim processing, tracing and operations
  • Support over Social Media: Communicating with passengers on social media channels to facilitate transparency, co-ordinating with the central rebooking unit, assisting in rebooking the passenger
  • Customer Care Claims: Handling of post-travel queries, feedback and claims including compensation claims for delayed/ cancelled flights, lost baggage, quality of meals served on board etc.
  • Analytics: Insights on revenue leaking sectors, delay analysis, social media analysis and many more
  • Managing rebookings for over 700 cancelled flights per month for world's leading airlines
  • More than 70% revenue retention annually through IRROPS management for leading European carrier
  • Better customer experience by CSAT & DSAT improvement
  • Reduction in revenue leakage by devising priority matrix for rebooking passengers